Learn how to regulate the car seat to drive safely and comfortably

Small changes in driving habits can avoid significant discomfort to the driver and even sequelae in the spine. Video teaches the proper way

How tall are you? What’s your weight? As the car is becoming the second home of many people and the interest of automakers in making them more compatible with the physical structure of each driver is increasing. Although more and more ergonomic seats come to market, they are not able to guarantee the comfort and health of drivers on their own. This matter will take just under five minutes to show you that small changes of habit can prevent from edema to spinal problems such as herniated disc and osteophytes, popularly known as “parrot beak.”

With discomfort in the spine for 16 years, the taxi driver is having difficulty working. “I feel a pain that goes from the end of the back to the legs. Until the right leg does not hurt so much, but when I need to step on the clutch, Antonio Antonio, who spends at least 12 hours of his day driving and has already begun the process of physiotherapy to combat the suspicion of a herniated disc.It often happens to feel the body paralyzed and find, Including walking difficulties. “I bought a heated polka-dot massager for car seat. It relieves a lot, but the doctors said I need to improve my posture, “he says.

The ideal position at the wheel is one that leaves the driver’s seat well supported in the seat, without any muscular and joint overload. The lower back needs to be well supported by lumbar support cushion for car. Otherwise, the entire back musculature will go into tension to support this wrong position. Also, the most suitable for a seated person is to maintain the closest 90 ° angle possible between the thighs and knees, As well as between hip and thighs.


The wrong posture ends up compressing the posterior region of the knee, which interrupts the circulation of blood flow. “The lower limbs are given the discharge of body weight; blood needs to circulate.” Some people come to the end of the day with edema, such as swelling in their feet. In the long term, the lack of venous return can become varicose veins. Of severe pain, “explains the physiotherapist.

Therefore, moving is essential. The driving activity itself keeps the body alert; the most appropriate would be to get out of the car every 50 minutes to relax and lengthen the muscles.

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