A Simple Plan: Cleaning

Why Dry Scrubbers are Good for the Environment Industrial exhaust gases contain a lot of harmful materials. Before releasing these gases into the atmosphere these harmful materials need to be removed. The dry scrubber system is very beneficial in removing these harmful materials from exhaust gases. Among all the systems or types of scrubbers used to remove hazardous materials from exhaust gases, the dry scrubber system is one of them. Today, plants use these dry scrubbers. These scrubbers use dry substances which can remove acidic gases responsible for acid rain. How a dry scrubber works is much the same as how other scrubbers do. The dry scrubber system uses collected dry reagents which are sprayed into an exhaust stream. There are different ways by which these chemicals react. The reaction is dependent on the type of material that they need to remove. There are some materials that neutralize harmful pollutants in the stream through the chemical reaction. And some of these will cause a chemical reaction which transforms into a different substance altogether. The transformed substance is then eliminated through the gas stream or is caught in a particle screen. The vented exhaust gases may look dark of invisible since no vapor is added in the process. The main use of dry scrubbers is to remove acid gases from combustion sources. The process of dry scrubbing is done by spraying dry reactants to exhaust gas at very high speeds. The pollutants are neutralized in the gas with this process. In three steps, the process is completed. First is the cooling of the gas. Then the reagent is injected, and then it is filtered.
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Cooling of the gas is important to prepare the exhaust gases. The gas needs to be cooled because it becomes much easier to eliminate pollutants and other toxins from the gas. In order to dilute the exhaust gas, they use the evaporative cooler. The reagent is then injected when the gas is cooled. This step actually removes the harmful components from the gas. How to choose components of the dry reagent is through their neutralizing properties. Since sodium bicarbonate has this property it is most of the time included in the mixture of dry reagents. What is injected into the exhaust gas at very high pressures are different kinds of mixed powders. This induces chemical reaction which results in the reduction of acidity of the gas and the harmful pollutants are eliminated. Finally the cleaned gas goes out of the scrubbing chamber while the scrubbing powder that was used is filterer using a fabric filter. IF the used scrubbing powder is cleansed, it can be reused for another dry scrubbing. However, it should also be disposed of frequently since it really cannot be washed properly.
A Simple Plan: Cleaning
Dry scrubbing is very good for the environment. If hazardous substances are removed from exhaust gases then these pollutants will no longer be released into the atmosphere.

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